Curly Horse Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Vermont, with representatives and volunteers across the US and Canada.  The Curly Horse Rescue, Inc. has been formed to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home Curly horses in need.

 CHR's Google Voice text number is (802) 851-0171

 The CHR's goals and objectives are:

• to provide rescue for Curly horses in need;

• to provide foster care and rehabilitative services to rescued Curly horses;

• to place rescued Curly horses in qualified new homes;

• to have continuing fund raising & donation activity for financing Curly horse rescue;

• to provide education on quality care & responsible breeding of Curly horses;

• to provide education for the prevention of neglect and abuse; and

• to encourage Curly owners & breeders to be involved in Curly horse rescue.

The concept of Curly Horse Rescue was born after a single individual privately rescued a herd of 21 starved and neglected Curly horses from Canada.  She arranged transportation, rescued and rehabilitated them, with the help of a handful of volunteers who raised funds to help her pay for their rescue.  These volunteers realized that there was a need for Curly Horse Rescue, as Curly horses have been rescued by private individuals from those misinformed individuals who believed that Curlies did not require basic necessities like hoofcare and proper healthy feed.  There have also been Curlies rescued by individuals from auctions, feedlots, and PMU farms as well as individual owners. 

If you would like to donate to the CHR you can either click on the donate button to your right and send funds via credit card, paypal or debit. Or send a personal check/money order to the address indicated.

Contact Us 

Curly Horse Rescue, Inc.

703 East Osterhout

Portage, MI 49002




Curly Horse Rescue (Admin) 910 U. S. Route 2, Marshfield, VT 05658

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