These horses are available for adoption through Curly Horse Rescue, Inc.  Adoption Application must be filled out in its entirey, including references and photos.  A physical farm check will be conducted, if possible.  Waiver/Release of Liability form must also be completed.  

CHR makes no warranty, express or implied, about the rideability, health, soundness or breeding soundness of any animal.  Every effort has been made to conduct a ground evaluation and a riding evaluation, if appropriate (i.e., age or soundness allowing).  Horses are living, breathing, thinking animals, and will react different from one farm to the next, with different handlers, herds, feed, and environment.

 CHR's Google Voice text number is (802) 851-0171



NEWS FLASH! All Curly Horses listed on this page are being offered for adoption at 1/2 off listed price until August 25th.  Apply to adopt today!


Brulee & Merangue: Curly Mares - 8-9 years old: $500 each (Now through August 25th: $250 each!)

Their foals are also available for adoption: $250 each (Now through August 25th: $125 each!)

Brulee & Merangue - Two Cremello Mares were rescued in the fall of 2017 from an Oklahoma feedlot. Brulee gave birth to a darling curly colt in January 2018. (Chino) Merangue foaled February 9th! (Latte) See below.

They are believed to be sisters, 8 and 9 years old.   Both are easy to work with, but have had no formal training.  Merangue leads, Brulee needs some work, but once you kindly show her what you want she always obliges, just like any good Curly!  We would like to keep both in their foster homes until their foals are weaned, but if you're in no hurry adoption can be put in place!  Merangue does have a rectal/vulva tear that will be repaired after she gives birth, and she will be going out on a non-breeding adoption contract.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or fill out the adoption application!

Brulee and Merangue will be available after their foals are weaned. Adoption price: $500 each.



 This is Brulee with her 2018 Curly Colt born in January 2018.






Dash: Curly Gelding - Mid Teens
Dash was rescued along with Violet in the spring of 2017 from Bastrop killpen.  He is estimated to be in his teens and is anticipated to be a wonderful mount!  He too went through ground manner training this summer and has come a long ways!
Dash's Adoption fee is $500.00  (Now through August 25th: $250!)


Violet - Curly Mare - Mid 20's
Violet was rescued in the early spring of 2017 from the Bastrop killpen. She is estiamted to be in her mid 20's. This past summer she went through basic ground manners traning and now halters, leads, trailers, etc. She was extremely bossy when she came and has come a long way in a short time! She is a love bug now! While she is healthy and sound, because of her age we recommend only further training for light riding or as a pasture mate or your pet. For further information, please contact us at 
Violet's Adoption fee is $250  (Now through August 25th: $125!)


 When donating, please specify "general fund", or name the horse you would like to sponsor/support.