These horses are available for adoption through Curly Horse Rescue, Inc.  Adoption Application must be filled out in its entirey, including references and photos.  A physical farm check will be conducted, if possible.  Waiver/Release of Liability form must also be completed.  

CHR makes no warranty, express or implied, about the rideability, health, soundness or breeding soundness of any animal.  Every effort has been made to conduct a ground evaluation and a riding evaluation, if appropriate (i.e., age or soundness allowing).  Horses are living, breathing, thinking animals, and will react different from one farm to the next, with different handlers, herds, feed, and environment.

 CHR's Google Voice text number is (802) 851-0171


Four "Storm Horses" will soon be available for adoption. All four are mares. Stay tuned for details as they unfold. As of late September they are in QT. They will then move to their foster home in Oklahoma where they will be evaluated for adoption. If you are interested in giving any of these curlies a good home, please submit your application using the FORMS page. 


Dash & Violet Need to be rehomed and support

Dash and Violet are currently fostered in Central Texas, And will need to be rehomed to a forever home asap.

Dash & Violet are estimated to be in their 20’s.  They were rescued from the Bastrop Kill Pen and are VERY bonded.  Thus, we are looking for a home or sanctuary where they can go together.  They are not trained and are learning things from the beginning, like how to be touched.  They need an experienced horse person.  We are looking for sanctuary for them because of their age and lack of training, or a permanent foster home situation.  Being a permanent foster home for these two would mean you could consider all expenses as donations to Curly Horse Rescue, since we are a registered 501c3 organization.  If you are able to help or know of a sanctuary that we could ask to help them, please contact us!

 UPDATE: Sept 20th, 2017 - Dash & Violet have been under training for the last 2 to 3 months and are now halter broke.  They both love to be brushed and will pick up their front feet and have been moved around the farm via the trailer and are much more accepting of human companionship and have much better ground manners.  All this is possible because of  their sponsor Rae Fenstermaker!  Dash and Violet thank you, Rae!
















 When donating, please specify "general fund", or name the horse you would like to sponsor/support.