These horses are available for adoption through Curly Horse Rescue, Inc.  Adoption Application must be filled out in its entirey, including references and photos.  A physical farm check will be conducted, if possible.  Waiver/Release of Liability form must also be completed.  

CHR makes no warranty, express or implied, about the rideability, health, soundness or breeding soundness of any animal.  Every effort has been made to conduct a ground evaluation and a riding evaluation, if appropriate (i.e., age or soundness allowing).  Horses are living, breathing, thinking animals, and will react different from one farm to the next, with different handlers, herds, feed, and environment.

KarmaToo $500 adoption fee

Pulled from AC4H Broker Program May, 2013.  KarmaToo is a Bay mare, 10-12 years of age, and appears greenbroke presently.  Quarantined in May 2013, she is now fostered in Central Texas. Contact Us if you are interested in KarmaToo.  Updates will be posted as they are received. (



Winter/Spring 2015




Winter/Spring 2015






 Photo taken at broker lot 2013



 When donating, please specify "general fund", or name the horse you would like to sponsor/support.