Curly "Type"

Many people would like to know what Curlies Can Do.  Well, there is a Curly built for almost any discipline!  Curlies tend to have good round strong hooves, good bone structure, and a deep barrel.

The Damele line of horses were bred for Ranch and western work.  The Curly Jim and Walkers Prince T lines are gaited lines of Curlies, and Mels Bathtub Gin is a Suffolk Punch cross and there are Curly Percheron's as well.  Ellen Bancroft in Washington State is breeding Curly Miniatures for driving.  Bazy Tankersly also bred a line of CurlyxArab Endurance horses.


Breeders have judiciously cross-bred Curly horses to create different types of performance horses, as well as all-around "Can Do" curlies.



Ringo learns Cowboy Shooting. Bred by Don Bosman, Bit-O-Wy Curlies, ,
Photo by Ellen Southwell / Owned by Paul Leveroni.



CanDo20.jpg*Sandman's Magic, Dressage, standing at stud,
Owner/Breeder/Photographer Shelly White





*Spar's Barefoot Contessa, Owner/Breeder/Photographer Shelly White



*DCC Traveler, Owner / Breeder: Liz Mattke Traveling Moon Ranch
DCC Traveler standing at stud


*Oh Boy ridden in Comanche tack by Terry Schmidt, owned by Julie & Terry Schmidt, photographed by Julie Schmidt


*Lyra working a Highlander cow.
Heather Keller, Skygazer Ranch, owner/breeder/photographer.


Mocha. Buckskin curly. Driving/Pulling. Bred By Don Bosman.
Owned By Ellen Southwell, Bit-O-Wy Curlies, , Photo by Ellen Southwell


Denise Conroy and *Prairie Espresso Dream aka Reese