Curly Colors

Curly Horses come in every color of the rainbow!  Curlies have been crossed with Appaloosa's gaited Champagne horses, and Paints, although Sabino is a common pattern in Curlies.  The foundation lines of Curlies, of the Copper D line, are all a gorgeous Copper sorrel color, which is a very common color in Curlies.

Rather than explain the colors, I would rather just share photos, most of which came to CHR through out 2010 Photo Contest.  Enjoy!

Base coat, black and sorrel/chestnut


*Spiffy Curl, owned, bred and photographed by Shelly White,


Color24.jpgChestnut - Oh Boy, owned by Julie & Terry Schmidt, photographed by Julie Schmidt


Modifier (Agouti/bay)


Color4.jpgBay - Zigahtcee';s Parader aka Zig ridden by Tracy Conroy, owned by Tom Conroy, photo by Denise Conroy,


Color6.jpgBay - Rhys, Heather Keller, Skygazer Ranch, owner, breeder, photographer.

Bay (Black Bay) - Hero’s Chocolate Kiss owned by Julie & Terry Schmidt, photographed by Julie Schmidt


Dilute (Cream)

Color11.jpgPalomino Sabino - Missi Champ, Caren Schumann,
 Color1.jpgCremello - Lilly, Bred and owned by Don Bosman, Bit-O-Wy Curlies, , Photo by Ellen Southwell


Buckskin - Woody (CHR alumni), Caren Schumann,


Smoky Black (not confirmed) *Prairie Espresso Dream aka Reese and Denise Conroy

Dilute (Champagne)

Sable Champagne - JT’s Lobodacious a/k/a Bo owned by Julie & Terry Schmidt, photographed by Julie Schmidt


Color5.jpgTopaz';s Merry Dream Dancer, Amber Champagne gaited curly stallion. Photo made by Claudia Duncan Dancer stands at Rancho Tres Estrellas Saskatchewan,Canada

Dilute (Dun)

*Sandman';s Magic, Dun, standing at stud, Owner/Breeder/Photographer Shelly White

*CHR Nymph's Memories (pending), "Noelle", Dun, owned by CHR, fostered by Annise Finch
*Lakota Gem, Grulla, owned by Michelle Ives


Pattern (Appaloosa)


Appaloosa, *Lakota Gem, owned and photographed by Michelle Ives
Bay Dun Appaloosa - Snowmans Magic, stallion bred and owned by Shelly White standing at


*Morningstar Jen, owned by Amanda Ives, photographed by Michelle Ives


Pattern (Paint/Pinto)


Bay Tobiano - TFN Warriors Lila Ecani, Shawn Tucker, Three Feathers Native Curly Horses Three Feathers Creative Photography Lawrenceburg, KY


Palomino Sabino, Bella, owned by CHR, photographed and  fostered by Michelle Ives
Black Tobiano - *BCF Icon, stallion bred by Bashcurl Farm, owned by Shelly White standing at


Bay Tobiano - JT’s Colt 45 Peacemaker a/k/a Shooter, owned by Julie & Terry Schmidt, photographed by Julie Schmidt


Palomino Tobiano's, Rora and Epona, Heather Keller is the owner, breeder, and photographer. Ranch is Skygazer Ranch


CanDo13.jpg*DCC Traveler, Owner / Breeder: Liz Mattke Traveling Moon Ranch DCC Traveler standing at stud


*Yes, I know this is not a true Roan, but a Sabino roan.  There are Roan curlies, unfortunately CHR has not been given permission to use photos of any of them yet.  So Traveler will have to be our Roan stand-in for the time being. Thank you for understanding.


Grey - Mister Tygs, owned by Janeen Radtke, photographer is Kathy Lee


CanDo10.jpgGreying Bucksin - Brie Hoblin and *Sage