Efficiently monitor fuel level with Equus fuel gauge

Equus 0-30 Ohm Fuel Gauge

Equus 0-30 ohm fuel gauge is an economical way to monitor your vehicle’s Fuel Level. Works with most ‘Late GM’ style senders (sold separately) equipped with a rheostat that creates a different resistance to ground when the fuel arm moves from empty to full position. Includes all necessary installation hardware. Black dial, chrome bezel and backlit illumination.

0-90 Ohms

JEGS offers a variety of fuel gauges to fit almost any application. Whether your vehicle uses a traditional or a fuel cell a good quality gauge is a must for proper and accurate readings. When selecting a fuel gauge first determine how it will be mounted such as in the dash, an add on panel, in a mounting cup, or on a gauge pillar. Then choose a gauge with the correct ohm rating to match your fuel sender.

The Equus 7000 Classic 2 in. electrical gauge features black dial with chrome bezel and back-lit illumination for efficient monitoring of your fuel level. Works with most 0-90 ohm ‘Late GM’ style fuel sending units. Includes installation hardware and adapters. This gauge requires a fuel sender with a center terminal that is grounded to the body of the car. If the gauge does not read correctly or pegs past full check your fuel sender for a ground issue.

0-100 Ohms

In order to get a accurate fuel gauge reading you need to use the correct sender. The sending unit has a rheostat that creates resistance to ground and this changes when the tank is empty or full. The gauge reads this variable resistance and indicates the fuel level.

JEGS has a wide selection of fuel gauges to choose from. These electric gauges can be mounted under the dash, on an add-on panel or on a gauge pillar. They can be found in a variety of diameters to fit your specific application. They can also be installed in a variety of mounting options such as a factory mount or a universal style sender.

This Equus 7000 Classic 2 in. electric gauge features elegant styling with a white dial and chrome bezel. It is compatible with 0-90 ohm late GM and Ford fuel level senders. This gauge has back-lit illumination for night use and includes red and green bulb covers. It features 1/4 in. male spade terminals for electrical connections and includes installation instructions in English, French and Spanish.

0-200 Ohms

When installing a fuel gauge it is important that the gauge and sender match each other. That means that the ohm (O) range must match. You can easily find out what your vehicles factory range is by searching for your vehicle make and year in the chart below.

The sender has a rheostat that provides a resistance to ground. As the fuel arm moves from empty to full a contact is moved across the rheostat which varies the resistance seen by the gauge. The gauge reads this resistance and displays the tank level. Obviously it is important that the sending unit has a good ground to work properly. Performing a simple multimeter test with the gauge disconnected and connected to the sender can confirm if the sender has a good ground or not. This is the same process that our tech line uses at New Vintage USA to help diagnose issues with fuel gauges. If the gauge is bouncing around with no power to the sender it probably does not have a good ground.

0-300 Ohms

The gauge works on a rheostat that provides a variable resistance to ground. When the fuel sender arm moves from empty to full a contact is moved across the rheostat creating different amounts of resistance which are read by the gauge and displayed on the screen. The gauge needs to be connected to a compatible fuel sending unit with the same ohms rating to work.

If your fuel gauge pegs past full you likely need a different fuel sending unit that is compatible with the gauge and has the proper ohms rating. Also make sure the gauge is getting electrical power (from the ignition switch).

This Equus 5000 Series black mounting panel features a white dial and chrome bezel electric instrument for efficiently monitoring your fuel level on vehicles equipped with a 0-60 or 0-90 ohm ‘Late GM’ style fuel sender. Includes installation hardware and back-lit illumination for night use. GM, Ford and early Chrysler (73-10 ohm) senders sold separately.

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